Evaluating condition in AFL

I want to execute exploration to find out the stocks which do not cross particular price ( X) from the trading start day to a predetermined time ( T ) of the trading day and the stock price crosses X after T. Is it possible to code this AFL?


Sorry for being a "smart alec" but as a new member, you can probably learn more by using the SEARCH function (Magnifying Glass in top right area of your screen).

Like all good things... you get more out of it the more you put in to it. Read, Search, Learn.

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Thanks for your input. Please guide if you know the code for this scan.

@SHANTVCI, start with these:

Again, as a new member, you need to do a bit of homework. The helpers on this site prefer to see that you have put some work in and tried something. We are not here to write code for you, but we like to help people with challenges, or point them in a likely direction.

When you do your homework, and start to break your problem down and make code for it, then you can tell us what specific problem you are having and you will usually find several people able to contribute ideas. Just asking for a solution does not show that you have done any work.

By reading the above links, you should get several ideas:
Post your code properly - with code blocks
Break down the problem into small parts
READ the Manual
Show your work and specify what you are having an issue with

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Thanks a lot. This will help me in writting the code for my strategy.