Example on how to use Stock.Quotations.Adjust

How do i use Stock.Quotations.Adjust ? Is there any example using vbscript or jscript ?

@suresh, this feature was added implementing some user requests, as discussed in this past thread

ok. i kinda get it but need a psuedocode example before i run through it. so here is my example . Is this how we can use this feature?


AB = new ActiveXObject("Broker.Application");
Stk = AB.Stocks( Name );
quote= Quotes.Retrieve(1,exDate)

Here is AFL example

if ( ParamTrigger("Trigger", "CLICK HERE" ) ) {

	AB = CreateObject( "Broker.Application" );
	stcks = AB.Stocks();

	sym = stcks.Item( Name() );

	qts = sym.Quotations;

	multiplier = 2;
	offset = 0;
	before = False;
	dt = "2022-04-04";

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what conditions will we apply "before = true"?

before = true means that it will apply multiplier and offset for dates being before set date. If false then after set date.

Thanks fxshrat for providing this code. I need to do something similar for intraday ASX data which need to be adjusted for Daylight Savings.

I tried testing your code to learn further before I make my own attempt at using the Quotes.Adjust object but it causes AmiBroker to hang. See screenshot below.

Do you have any idea what could be the cause of this? Also, is there any documentation in relation to this other than this: AmiBroker Object Model but it doesn't have a mention of Quotes.Adjust?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Can not confirm.

But I guess you have old AB version.
You have to update to most recent public AB version 6.40.4.

What's new in AmiBroker 6.40

  • OLE: added Stock.Quotations.Adjust function to perform adjustments programmatically OLE: added Stock.Quotations.Adjust() function.
    long Adjust(BSTR pszFieldList, float fMultiplier, float fOffset, DATE dDateTime, boolean bBefore)
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Good call, that was it. Had the one version previously, cheers.

Such a neat feature that was added, love AmiBroker!

@Tomasz , The documentation doesn't seem to include this new feature.

It is documented but only in the ReadMe / Release Notes

In my case the Readme file was over written with a new readme file. Anyways it is a good practice to keep the online documentation up to date.

The function is now documented here:


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