Exclude a sector


how can I program in an setup to exclude a sector for example GICSID (.... I know the Filter settings but I would write down this in a code using Norgate

Setup =  C > 5 and not GICSID(25101010 )   // C >5 and exclude all Auto Parts ..)

Any help for a beginner . Thanks.

thanks a lot. Like always. :smiley:

I'm a beginner myself, but I think you are looking for InGics("25101010").


Yes, that one is better than using GicsID() function.


SetUp = C > 5 AND NOT InGics("25101010");


if ( InGics("25101010") ) {
    Setup = False;
} else {
    SetUp = C > 5;
    // Do something else in addition
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thanks this works. :smiley:

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