Exclude symbol from backtest

Apologies, a very basic question..

....what is the 'afl syntax' to exclude a particular symbol from analysis (ie, backtest, optimisation etc).

(To be clear, I do not want to change the composition of any watchlists, sectors etc. - just a discretionary decision to exclude particular stock symbols from eg, a backtest). I am sure this is a simple statement. thanks, JonS

if (NOT Name() == 'your symbol');

Or just use:

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Please excuse my amateur approach, based on the clue you offered, I think this statement works:

 Exclude = Name() == 'your symbol';

Exclude = Name() == "FIT";
thanks, JonS

Yes as long as you use 'Exclude' in Global Scope.

Hi TrendSurfer and all, these statements are not inside any function, so I assume they are 'Global' variables. However, I did discover another problem. When there are only 3 statements (as below), everything works fine:

 Exclude = Name() == "FIT";
 Exclude = Name() == "DPW";
 Exclude = Name() == "CODA";

But as soon I include a 4th statement:

 Exclude = Name() == "FIT";
 Exclude = Name() == "DPW";
 Exclude = Name() == "CODA";
 Exclude = Name() == "NETE";

I find that the 'CODA' symbol appears back in the 'Results list'.

It is as if there can only be a certain number of 'EXCLUDE' statements (ie, just 3) and then it doesn't work any more. This doesn't make sense, so obviously I am doing something wrong.

(The reason I am excluding stocks is that upon optimization, I notice markedly discontinuous prices (ie, price jumps) which severely distort the results, so it is simpler to exclude these stocks from the backtest). Hut I want to be able to do this 'on the fly'.

OK, I think I have found the answer. This seems to work:

 Exclude = Name() == "FIT"
 OR Exclude = Name() == "DPW"
 OR Exclude = Name() == "CODA"
 OR Exclude = Name() == "NETE"
 OR Exclude = Name() == "CETX"
 OR Exclude = Name() == "TEUM"

'Exclude' is being overridden with each new 'Exclude' line.

That's not correct code.

You should use Exclude single time.

 Exclude = Name() == "FIT"
           OR Name() == "DPW"
           OR Name() == "CODA"
           OR Name() == "NETE"
           OR Name() == "CETX"
           OR Name() == "TEUM";

Or to avoid endless times of OR operator just use watchlist membership:

Exclude = InWatchlistName("ExcludedSymbols");

Just create watchlist with name "ExcludedSymbols" and put all symbols to be excluded in there.


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