Experience with IEX Cloud

Does anyone have experience with IEX Cloud?

I use their API to get quotes, FREE 50,000 core messages/mo
What specifically are you looking to use IEX Cloud for?

Thanks for your answer Mark. I am looking for reliable "end of day" quotes of some European stock exchanges, in particular Euronext (ie Amsterdam) and the most important worldindices. I used Yahoo for a while but although it's free , it's not so reliable sometimes. Before that I used Datalink of Refinitiv .

@Butsy, for international markets you can also take a look at https://eodhistoricaldata.com They provides data via API (json) and in some case in .csv format (EOD).

With the latest versions of AmiQuote you can also use a "custom" data source to directly import the .csv data in AmiBroker.


Thanks a lot beppe! :smiley: