Exploration/Backtest with trial database only giving results over 6 bars

I've been a longtime Premium Data user, now migrating over to NorgateData Updater, using the trial version (Platinum) just getting everything in order before going to full subscription.

Something quite strange is happening during any backtests or explorations run in the ABNorgateData database. It seems like only the last 6 bars are being explored/backtested over, even though I have selected a date range of the last 2 years.Capture

I don't think it is an issue with my code, since I am using it with no issues on both PremiumData database and my own survivorship bias free database.

I also doubt the watchlist is an issue, since when I run it on all symbols it still has the same issue of only showing data over last 6 bars.

Just wondering if this sounds familar to anyone else? I think I've probably just made some stupid error or omission when running the exploration/backtest, but for the life of me I just can't think what it could be.


@Narcissus, If you don't think it is your code, then that leave Settings and Data.

Is there something in the Trial Database that limits the exploration? Not a Noragte user (yet).


I figured this out after posting, but by then my post was already waiting for admin verification, and I couldn't retract it.

I actually figured it would be a good idea to leave it up in case others make the same silly rookie mistake I did. I was wrong, it was in my code. @snoopy.pa30 was on the right track, it is something to do with the trial database. The trial database only has 2 years of data, which makes sense obviously. Somewhere in my code I was using a hideously long MA, which meant that after the MA was calculated there was only 6 bars of data left to actually generate signals.

Apologize for any time wasted by anyone, and hopefully if someone else makes the same oversight, they will find the solution here. Thanks to @snoopy.pa30 for the input.