Exploration list with Top 10 ranked Symbols per bar in one row

Hi everybody,

I was fiddling around for dozens of hours now and tried a lot to implement an exploration,
which generates an output sorted by one bar/date per row. I also scanned the documentation and the forum to look for a solution, but currently I have no idea or plan what else I could try to get a solution.

So I would like to have 1 row per bar and in each row I would like to list the name of the symbols in the columns based in the order of their ranking for that specific bar.

I was able to do it by hand with copy/paste to Excel by doing 5 seperate explorations for each rank from rank1 to 5. Here is the result I would like to generate with AB's exploration capabilities:


So how could I solve my problem? Or is there a solution at all? Or am I blind and can't see the obvious?

Any hint will be appreciated,
thanks a lot in advance


anybody there? :wink:
Could anybody of the Amibroker experts give me just some signal, if it ist possible at all to generate a report like I have shown above based on MSFT-Excel?

Any hint will be appreciated, thanks in advance

You probably received no response because you didn't bother to post any code showing your own attempts to solve the problem. Presumably you are using Filter and AddColumn(), which I don't think will work. You might have a look at the AddRow() function instead, or else just write your own CSV file that can be opened in Excel.

Using your original approach, you should have only needed one exploration that included the rank as one of the columns. Sort by Rank first, then by Date, and you have 5 easy copy-paste exercises to build your table. Or if you're good with Excel formulas, you could build a template that allows you to paste the Exploration output into one sheet and displays the table automatically on another sheet. However, since this is an AmIBroker forum and not an Excel forum, that approach is left as an exercise for the reader. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for your quick reply.
The reason, I didn't list any code is, that I believe that I have to find my coding solution on my own and I don't want to use or misuse the other forum members to solve my coding problems.
Therefore and to save other ones ressources I just asked for an indication wether I am on the correct path to a solution or if my path has a dead end. So your answer to me is perfect, that's what I was already assuming because all my trys with Filter and AddColumn didn't work. And with AddRow I was not able to use a background color different to plain white..
In fact I already experimented with the "EnableScript("vbscript"); " function of Amibroker and will now try to solve it with VBA and sort the values directly into an Excel Sheet.


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