Exploration of 2 different symbols in one AL code

I do not know if this is possible so am requesting for guidance;

An idea -- to run an exploration for a sector and a stock in that sector in one AFL code - if possible then on different time frames - example - (NSE-India) - idea is-- if I run an exploration on, say the Metal sector - then, in the same AFL code can I run an exploration for a stock in the Metal sector, eg. for TATASTEEL.

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A little clarification - by Metal sector I mean the Metal Index


It should work because the exploration runs on individual symbols. So you can aggregate multiple symbol data if required to get the output sector-wise but the conditions have to be written in the code in the same way.
Even using a different timeframe on the symbol later will work with timeframe functions which would be code in the same formula. just make sure that the periodicity is set to the lowest timeframe that you need.


I think my query was incorrectly worded, so here's trying again -- in one watch list I have all the indicies and in another , seperate watchlist I have all the stocks in which future trading is allowed, so now again the question - in one AFL code can I run an exploration for "2 separate watchlists" - just repeating the question - in on code is it possible to run an exploration on 2 separate watchlists - if so an example will be welcom to set me on my quest.

You can select two different watchlists in the Apply To Filter window. Just be sure to choose "Match Any" if you want to include all symbols that are in either watchlist. If you choose "Match All", then you will only get the symbols that are in both watchlists.

Inside your AFL you can check which watchlist a particular symbol belongs to using CategoryGetSymbols(), and CategoryFind().



Thanks, will try and get back.

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