Exploration Scroll and the Interpretation Window

After I have run an exploration, if I scroll through the charts via the exploration itself, sometimes the interpretation window will update with the scrolled charts and other times it doesn't. Is there a reason for this or is there something I am doing that keeps the interpretation window from updating? Is there something I can do to consistently make it update as I scroll through the interpretation? I am using Amibroker Version 6.4 if that helps.

I might add that when the interpretation window doesn't update as I scroll through the exploration, I have to click on the chart to get the interpretation window to update.

@MCassICT, I do not usually use/show the interpretation window, but I made a short test using the default "Price (all in one)" formula and I can replicate the behavior you see.

When does it happen? After creating a result list (from exploration or backtest - enabling the "Sync chart on select" option).

The values (text lines) to be displayed are indeed always updated (I used _TRACE() to check them) even if the "interpretation" window display is not refreshed when I change the selected ticker from the list.

It seems related to moving the focus from the result list to the chart (clicking on it). Returning to the result list after doing it, still keeps the chart in sync (and, as said, the "printf()" instructions are executed) but the "interpretation" content remains the same (no longer updated).
To reenable the interpretation "updates" I have to "apply" the formula again.

Maybe @Tomasz can take a look at this and provide some relevant feedback.

Thanks for the response @beppe you are correct. I am glad you were able to recreate the scenario on your end. I hadn't used _TRACE but it is interesting that it is updating even if the output isn't being displayed.

I am trying to pay close attention to every detail and if I can nail it down I'll provide more info. As I said, there are occasions when it will update with the scroll, it just isn't consistent. I am not 100% sure what it is that I do differently when this happens.

By design, Interpretation window is supposed to be updated only when you CLICK on chart (changing selected date). Specifically only currently FOCUSED chart pane triggers update of Interpretation window. When you are in Analysis window and scrolling it, NO CHART window is currently focused.
Remember that Interpretation refers to SINGLE PANE, not whole chart, so a SINGLE PANE that currently holds input focus is the input of the Interpretation window. If you are focused on Analysis window and scrolling it, no single chart pane has focus.

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