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I am using 6 multiple explorer to scan market along with charts. These explorer runs on real time basis. I am facing problem in saving my charts and explorer template.I have stored the explorer in Apx file, but every time after restarting the amibroker, i need to run and open apx files. Is there any shortcut for this, so i need not to open apx files individually.

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If your AmiBroker version is minimum 6.20, then it is easy. You can use BATCH

all information you need are in this link… enjoy


I’ve noticed that similar questions or requests appear regularly.

I am afraid Batch is not an ideal solution in such case. As @Tomasz wrote in some other threads:

There is ONE analysis window controlled by ONE batch. If multiple LoadProject calls are used then they are loaded in sequence one after another, all using ONE analysis window that is attached to batch.

Each batch window has ONE and only ONE analysis window controlled by the batch and all steps are executed in sequence. LoadProject loads the project as its name says. It does not create new Analysis windows except ONE and only ONE that is controlled by batch.

The purpose of batch is to SEQUENCE things. …you should put your multiple analyses in SEQUENCE and EXPORT the results. That is proper use of batch.

This topic has been (for example) discussed in these threads: Multiple analysis in batch or How to close Analysis window that was opened by batch?

If someone wants to have x different Explorations visible and running every n minutes or n seconds during the session to screen the market and be able to see the output and interact with the results, he/she probably needs to (at least I don’t know any better option although I have tried using Batches and Scheduler) open n apx project files by hand (or using OLE automation i.e. via java script) and rearrange all Analysis windows by hand after each AmiBroker restart. If someone uses one or two explorations it might not be a problem, but if someone wants to have i.e. 6-8 different Analysis windows visible and has to repeat this procedure before every session, it takes time and for this reason becomes problematic.

I agree with Tomasz that the ideal and definitely the most efficient solution would be using only one Analysis window instead of 6, 8 or more different ones, but in many cases it is not desirable from users/traders’ point of view. Just like it would not be the most useful solution creating one gigantic spreadsheet in Excel instead of using some small ones focused on different aspects and presenting data in a different way. Similar thing with charts. Some traders are perfectly happy with one or two charts, others may need much more. There is a reason why day traders use multi display setups and different screeners.

I know some AB users who were using (or are still using) Windows hibernation just to avoid having to open and rearrange all their explorations every day before the session. I was also doing it for a long time for this reason. But using hibernation is not recommended - Tomasz wrote that it might cause some problems - How to fix (Null) formula reference error. Additionally it may shorten SSD’s lifespan.

I think that many people who use different explorations as live market screeners during the session, would appreciate the possibility of preserving their setup. I am aware that there are pros and cons of saving AA Windows in the Layouts, but if that is the case, there is probably another way of achieving that - for example some additional/optional layouts only for AA Windows or something else.

Batch Tasks and Scheduler are very helpful for many users and do their job well, but are not designed to handle x visible Analysis windows which are used to screen the market every 5, 3, 1 minute or 30 seconds during the session.


Batch is not a proper solution.Is there any way by which place of my scanner can adjusted on opening through batch and scheduler. I am using multi-monitor setup and it is very tedious job to place 6 AA windows again and again on monitors.

Any suggestion in this regard


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As I wrote in my prior post I think that using Batch and Scheduler in such cases, is not a good idea, because:

  1. If you want to have 6 AA windows open/visible at the same time, you would also need 6 Batch windows still open (at least minimised) - because only ONE analysis window is controlled by ONE batch.
  2. You would still need to rearrange all AA windows manually after each AmiBroker restart. Only charts are saved in the Layout.
  3. If you want to use Scheduler to run your Exploration every 3 minutes, you need to select Repeat Hourly in the Schedule Batch Task (you can only choose between Repeat Hourly or Daily) and duplicate it to have 20 such tasks in the Scheduler. If you want to run an exploration every 1 minute, you would need 60 such tasks etc …

I also have some AA windows in my daytrading setup and I haven’t found any better option than opening x apx project files manually (or using OLE automation i.e. via java script) and rearranging all AA windows by hand after each AmiBroker restart.

Not that I recommend that, but probably the only solution for now, which allows not to repeate this routine every day, is using Windows Hibernation (which - as I wrote, is not recommended by @Tomasz ) or Sleep (which I suppose might have negative impact on some electronic parts of the computer in a long run) instead of turning the computer off completelly every day. In such case, the computer might be restarted for example once a week or every other week.

Saving AA Windows in Layouts has been suggested in the Feedback centre ( http://www.amibroker.com/members/feedback ) —> Issue #2653 and it’s current Status is Put on hold (registered users can log in and support it) - so there is a chance it might be implemented in the future - I keep my fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: Maybe implementing Analysis windows’ unique IDs would make possible preserving such setups and using separate Parameters for each AA window?