Exploration to find stocks were Beta > 1.1

Dear All,

Can somebody code for me an exploration were i can find stocks were the Beta > 1.1
I'm not getting any idea how do it.....Please help me out.



Bro, If you just used Google Search, you will get more than 3 verified and working codes in the top 5 links.

I'm not getting any idea how do it.
You don't need to re-invent the wheel, use and learn from that code.

Hello Guys,

I have done a Google search and got a code for the "High Beta Scanner" and its working perfectly fine. But the problem is i didn't understand the code at all. Can someone explain the code for me. It's very difficult for me to digest. Here is the code below:-

_SECTION_BEGIN("High Beta Scanner");

ticker=ParamStr( "Ticker", "nsenifty" );     //didnt understand

Beta=(( Periods * Sum(ROC( C,1) * ROC(P,1),Periods )) - (Sum(ROC(C,1),Periods) *
Sum(ROC( P,1),Periods))) / ((Periods * Sum((ROC(P,1)^2 ),Periods)) -
(Sum(ROC(P,1 ),Periods)^2 ));

Filter =beta>1.1;


The above code i didn't understand....please someone explain it to me




For best results, it helps if you can tell us what you know and what you don't know. That way we can help you with the particular issue you are having.

As a beginner in AFL, your best help is your willingness to READ the Manual and TRY things out.

In the above code, you list one line as "didnt understand". So I am assuming this is the only issue.

From my understanding, that line is setting up the Foreign Ticker that you are using as the Comparison or Reference. This way you can compare the results of the stock to the Foreign Ticker and figure out what the Beta is for the current stock.

As this is a Scanner, you will be able to use a "list" of stocks to get compared to the Foreign Ticker (Reference).

Hope this helps.


Dear Snoopy,

Thank you for your help...even i didn't understand the following parts:-

P=Foreign(ticker,"C",1); // didnt not understand
Periods=Param("period",8,1,50,1);  // didn't understand and what is this 8,1,50,1

Beta=(( Periods * Sum(ROC( C,1) * ROC(P,1),Periods )) - (Sum(ROC(C,1),Periods) *
Sum(ROC( P,1),Periods))) / ((Periods * Sum((ROC(P,1)^2 ),Periods)) -
(Sum(ROC(P,1 ),Periods)^2 )); // this is a complicated formula i didn't understand

Please explain it to me.....I'm finding AFL tough how will i learn it just thinking



What efforts have you made yourself to try and understand these two functions???


This is a good place to start, read through them. Many would be familiar, some aren't used as frequently and the rest you just need to know.

There is no other option or shortcut, remember, "Rome wasn't built in a day"