Explore is showing output based on yesterday's values

Here is a simple code which shows yesterdy's output instead of todays in the Explore window.

R_Val = RSI(5);
Buy = R_Val <10 AND L > 5;
Filter = Buy ;
AddColumn( R_Val, "RSI(14)");

Screenshot (6)

How do I show today's (1/22/2021) result instead of yesterday's


Your Database shows as ABNorgate and has MAINT. I assume that you are using and End of Day Norgate database, so the question is when do you think Norgate updates the EOD data to you? When you get that data for "TODAY" and you run the exploration, you will get Today's data. Until then, you get Yesterday.

Thanks. I manually update several times a day by clicking the Maint button when it is not Green.
Screenshot (7)
Here I updated again (Green Maint button) and the result is the same. I am not sure when Norgate updates the EOD data and where to look for it. If you know that please le me know. What data provider do you use?

@azahid, you can check on the Norgate web site, but I believe it is around 7pm Eastern time.

I am an EOD trader so don't bother with updates till after that. I am not a Norgate user (yet).

I use my trading platform to see current prices if I am trying to enter a trade during the day.

Thanks. Explore shows result based on today's data soon after the market closes.

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