Explore - stop ~~~EQUITY from showing

I use Explore, but sometimes data for ~~~EQUITY symbol shows up on every second line. When I restart Amibroker and try again, everything is okay, with ~~~EQUITY not present. Is there a way to put some line in code which would force ~~~EQUITY not to show ever? I'm not sure how this is triggered, I change my code, backtest and explore multiple times. Here is part of my code responsible for explore:

if ( Status( "action" ) == actionExplore )
	Filter = 1; //all symbols and quotes accepted in Explore tab
	Filter = Buy OR Short OR Sell OR Cover;
	addcolumn( Low, "Low", 1);
	addcolumn( High, "High", 1);
	addcolumn( Buy, "Buy", 1);
	addcolumn( Short, "Short", 1);
	addcolumn( Sell, "Sell", 1);
	addcolumn( Cover, "Cover", 1);	

By default ~~~EQUITY is automatically excluded from Analysis (as anything in composite group)

From my troubleshooting I can confirm that Equity does not appear when I load data and run Explore straight away (therefore restarting program helps). Unfortunately when I run Backtest first, all following Explores will always have Equity listed. I removed "Set" statements from Amibroker backtest script and only transaction signals are generated, but the problem persists.

I use the free and quite old 6.00.2 version, maybe that's the reason?