Explorer grid empty

I am trying to debug my scripts. I find the Explore grid very helpful for that, especially for viewing column values

Unfortunately it has stopped working, and I can't figure out how to get it going again. Doesn't seem to matter what script I have loaded. Back testing and Scan are both working and returning results, but explorer view comes up with a blank grid.

I've tried a few scripts of mine and none of them seem to work. Even my "dummy" script returns nothing. It's just this...


I'm using version 6.30.5.

If you would search and read existing AmiBroker documentation then you would know immediately:
"How to create own exploration" (click link)

Your dummy code is not proper Exploration code.
Your analysis result list is empty because Filter variable is missing there.
It (Filter) is essential part of any Exploration code.

Quoting manual:

The idea behind an exploration is simple - one variable called filter controls which symbols/quotes are accepted. If "true" (or 1) is assigned to that variable for given symbol/quote it will be displayed in the report.

So default assignment to Filter is TRUE (1) -> Filter = 1; being equal to Filter = True; -> "saying" output all elements of analysis range (per symbol).

But Filter assignment can be any other boolean array (returning 0 or 1). E.g.

// Filter TRUE buy or sell signals only 
Filter = Buy OR Sell;

In comparison to Filter = 1 upper Filter line means to output only those elements of analysis range where Buy or Sell return TRUE (1).


And in order to output custom data based on true Filter results you would have to add column code.
Columns can be created by

  1. AddColumn() function
  2. AddTextColumn() function
  3. AddMultiTextColumn() function
  4. AddRankColumn() function

To create custom rows you may add AddRow() function.

To disable default columns you may add:

SetOption("NoDefaultColumns", True);

To sort analysis columns programmatically you may add SetSortColumns() line.

To create per column summary you may add AddSummaryRows() line.

And please read documentation of each and every function carefully.

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