Export to Google Sheets?

Dear Group,

Although this may seem a bit crude, given that we know that Amibroker is a windows based platform; will it be possible to export to file as extension .gsheet (Stands for extension of gsheet)?

Idea is directly export in gsheet format to Google Drive (Using Google Drive for Windows). Stepwise I am currently exporting directly to Google Drive (Using Google Drive for Windows) as a .csv. Then manually importing to Google Sheets in Raw sheets that is further linked to calculations.

I tried through IMPORTRANGE or IMPORTDATA in Google sheets but it inadvertly fails.

Google has App script which was meant to facilitate such requirements with their products.

Import CSV data to a spreadsheet | Apps Script | Google for Developers

See if this approach from Google's end rather than AB's end works.
It has sample code too, so quite easy to setup.

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