Exporting a report


I understand how to save reports and that works well on my local machine. What I'd like to do is export a report and be able to email it as an attachment such that the recipient can see all the tabs of the report. As it is they can only see the first page. I am using 'save as web page complete'. I tried the other options and print to pdf, but nothing seems to preserve the whole document.



Hi BBands,

Please use AB Main - Analysis - Report Explorer to verify your report is listed.
Open selected report in AB HtmlView and check your content is correct.
You print to pdf only what you see. If you select Statistics, you create Statistics.pdf. If you select Charts, you create Charts.pdf.
AB Reports are stored by default in C:\Program Files\AmiBroker\Reports.
So every report owns a dedicated directory. To send out this report complete you have to zip this directory and attach the zip to your email. Please keep care not to export your AFL code additional in your reports.

regards, Peter

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That is what I ended up doing, but I want to thank you for that last sentence; I hadn't thought of that.