Exporting and Importing Quotes Exactly

I'm trying to export quotes from one database and import the quotes into a different database. Having two problems:

Problem 1:
I'm using an exploration to export quotes. The values exported are not exactly identical to the values shown in the quote editor. There is a slight difference in the floating point precision. I want exactly 7 digits, but I don't know in advance how many digits are left and right of the decimal point. This is my exploration afl:

filter = !isNull(O) && !IsNull(C) && !IsNull(H) && !IsNull(L);

AddColumn(O, "Open", 1.5);
AddColumn(C, "Close", 1.5);
AddColumn(H, "High", 1.5);
AddColumn(L, "Low", 1.5);
AddColumn(V, "Volume", 1.5);

Problem 2:
I've created a custom ascii import format and saved it in the formats folder. I've also added the new custom format to the import.types file, but the ascii import window does not show the new custom format in the "Files of Type" drop down list. This is the new entry in import.types:

DateSymbolOCHLV (*.csv)|*.csv|DateSymbolOCHLV.format

What am i doing wrong? Is there a better approach?