Exrem vs Equity(1)?

Many articles combining Exrem() and Equity() as below:

Buy = Exrem(Buy, Sell);  Short = Exrem(Short, Cover);  


Buy = Exrem(Buy, Sell);  Sell = Exrem(Sell, Buy);  
Short = Exrem(Short, Cover); Cover = Exrem(Cover, Short);  

Q1) For a chart pane:
is it enough to use only Equity(1) to remove redundant Buy/Sell/Short/Cover?
so the Buy = Exrem(Buy, Sell); Short = Exrem(Short, Cover)
before the Equity(1); is actually useless (or redundant) statements.

Q2) For a Backtester:
As I know that the Backtester will remove redundant signals,
and there is no need to draw an equity line,
so is it correct that I don't need to apply Exrem() or Equity(1)?

Thank you very much :smiley:!

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You don't need ExRem and you don't need Equity(1).

In fact you should not call them.

Backtester removes redundant signals automatically and you don't need to call ANY function for that.
Please read the manual:

It explains how extra signals are removed by backtester.


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