F3: Symbol Finder Window?

Hi all, just checking with other users if this is the correct behaviour.

I couldn't open Symbol Finder window by pressing shortcut key F3. F3 will only activate the symbol pane search text box (and only when the Symbol Pane is active).

I'm using the default shortcut key.
Amibroker 6.35.1


I can only access this Symbol finder window by going to Menu>Symbol>Find.
If I remember correctly F3 or F4 will open this window in the previous version. I might be wrong.

F3 will only activate the search text box in the Symbol Pane below only when the pane is already active (selected).

I tried using the latest AB version on trial. Also getting the same behavior.


@bursaware , AFAIK, F3 - by default - is assigned to the "Quick Find" functionality.

You can change the shortcut using the "Customize" dialog (under "Tools" main menu item) - Keyboard tab.
Simply remove the F3 assignment from "Quick Find" and set it to "Find..."



thanks @beppe. I assigned F4 to "Find.." and able to open the Symbol finder windows.

Please note that "Quick Find" is SUPERIOR to old "Find" because it can lookup not only symbol names, but also full name, address, alias, country, etc:


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Thanks @Tomasz, yes it is far better.
The only issue I have is that shortcut to Quick Find (default is F3) will activate the search box only when the Symbol pane is currently open.
Is that by design or I may have problem with my installation?


Yes it is by design.

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Is there a way to assign shortcut to select the symbol pane? I tried assigning one to the Window>Symbol menu but it will add/remove the pane instead of selecting it (kind of an expected action of the menu item).

What I'm trying to achieve is to quickly change symbols only using keyboard shortcut. So, 1st: activate the pane (if it is currently not selected). Then use F3 to activate the search box). Or even better to have a single shortcut to activate the pane and search box together.


Currently it does not exist, but I can add an internal command for Keyboard shortcut editor to do 2 things at once:

  • show up / activate Symbol pane
  • do quick search

Thanks, @Tomasz for considering. Would be awesome to have this little but significant shortcut. Symbol switching will be a breeze.

Hello @Tomasz

Just a similar follow-up question,

If an analysis window has default first column as Symbol and let us say it also the sorted column ( Alphabetical list ), then
can pressing keyboard alphabet key ( like N ) able to scroll down to the first symbol beginning from letter N ?

if unsorted, maybe first found symbol that matches or nothing but is the above easily doable ?

Currently, any key press would scroll up and select the first row so there is some kind of response happening :slight_smile:


Erm.. one more thing while we at it.

2 things where Symbol finder window is great, IMHO:

  1. Once AB found some suggestions after we started typing some characters, I can click Tab key once to bring the focus to the symbol list suggestions and then use the arrow keys to choose the correct symbol. Then, press enter to open the chart. This is very handy.

In the Symbol pane, we can't click Tab to bring focus to the symbol list below. Still require mouse interaction to choose the right symbol.

  1. The Quick search box in the Symbol pane will filter the result based on what category is currently being selected below (Group, Market, Watchlists etc). So, if a wrong category is currently being selected, it requires mouse interaction to choose the right category first (or what I normally do is to choose 'All'), then start filling the search box. Then, use the mouse again to choose the correct symbol. Symbol finder window, on the other hand, will search from all the symbols available in the database without worrying about any search filter. Again, free from mouse interaction.

Just for your consideration. We all know your plate is already full of requests for the core features of AB.


Yes but quick searching WITHIN selected category is a desired feature. The entire design of Symbol window is centered around categories. It won't be removed.
If you like Symbol Finder better (global search), you can just use it.

Thanks @Tomasz. For now, I will use Symbol Finder when the keyboard-only convenience is required. But some of my symbols can only can be found by the Symbol pane quick search.. Will surely to using it more once the 1-shortcut is implemented.

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