Feature request: Please ask for confirmation of deletioin of watchlist

Tomasz, I a number of occasions I have inadvertently erased a watchlist. AB permanently delete the watchlist, even if I exit AB without saving. Please have AB ask for confirmation of deletion on exit. Only if affirmative the permanently delete the watchlist.

You mean deleting the watchlist itself OR erasing the content (removing components - symbols from the watch lists)?

erasing the file content.

It escapes me how one can "delete the content" inadvertently.

The "Delete (make empty)" option displays a confirmation dialog, as does the "Delete Watchlist" option.

Perhaps you're referring to removing watchlist content via AFL (using CategoryRemoveSymbol()) or is there some other way to do it that I've never used?

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I also don't understand the request, as both operations already invoke modal confirmation dialog like this:


Current AmiBroker version 6.40.

Tomasz, on a number of occasions I by mistake clicked yes. I am asking you if such mistake is made , the yes answer should not be permanent unless the database is saved.

Beppe, see my replay to Tomasz. Also on occasions I have mistakenly modified watchlists thru afl operation. All I am asking that please if the database is not saved, then the watchlist modification are not saved either.

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