Feature request: Short-cut key for block comment in AFL editor would be helpful

Amibroker developers can consider adding a short-cut key for block comment in AFL editor. Something like “ctrl-/” (control key followed by forward slash key) would be useful. I use it pretty often in JetBrains IDE.

This feature exists, albeit not as a keyboard shortcut, AFAIK. It’s Edit / Line Comment on the editor menu.
See https://www.amibroker.com/guide/w_afledit.html

FYI, the correct place to submit enhancement requests is http://www.amibroker.com/members/feedback/index.php

You need to take a close look at the warning at the top of that page though. Unless the developer can see a valid and useful widespread use case, any new request is unlikely to proceed.


Functionality already exists. Shortcut key is: Ctrl + Q.


Thanks. It will be helpful to users if the short-cut key is indicated beside the feature.

They already are in the main frame, but for additional floating frames that is impossible right now due to limitations of UI framework being utilized.

But they are always described in the ReadMe/ReleaseNotes so if you searched the web you would find it in the Users Manual

CHANGES FOR VERSION 6.02.0 (as compared to 6.01.0)

AFL Editor: Implemented Line comment/uncomment feature (Edit->Line Comment, Ctrl+Q) to automatically add/remove // line comments from single or multiple lines. If multiple lines are selected, the content of the first selected line is deciding whenever block of lines is to be commented or uncommented

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You can find a list of (almost) all available in AmiBroker shortcuts here: Useful shortcuts

… and you can always modify or add new custom shortcuts:


Do we have the list of current shortcuts for AFL editor? Spent a lot of time but couldn't find one. (I did see the list of shortcuts for main AB window).


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