Fib with CCI plotting

// Fibonacci retracement
len = 10;
up = HHV(High, len);
dn = LLV(Low, len);
retrace = (up - Close) / (up - dn) * 100;

// CCI
constant = 0.015;
typical_price = (High + Low + Close) / 3;
tp_sum = Sum(typical_price, len);
tp_avg = tp_sum / len;
mean_deviation = MeanDev(typical_price, tp_avg, len);
cci = (typical_price - tp_avg) / (constant * mean_deviation);

// Mix
plot(cci, color=red);
plot((100 - retrace), colorgreen, linewidth=2);

where I am doing wrong ? Please help

Is this ChatGPT again? You are using functions that don’t exist. Run the code in AFL editor and it will tell you exactly what is wrong

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@moneyspinners, by the way the CCI (Commodity Channel Index ) calculation is already provided by AmiBroker. Please see the documentation.


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