Fibonacci extension formula need it

I am working on my trading system and part of this system is what I call fibonacci extension levels. I know there is this tool within the amibroker program but I need to have a formula for that to integrate it with the rest of my code. What I exactly need is fibonacci three extension levels showing up on the chart while amibroker is running. The levels are: 61,8%, 100% and 161,8%.(theese are fibonacci numbers) I do not want to set this levels manually, I want it to be set automaticly, so that I can programm the system to take profit on one of those levels. I also want those levels to be visible on the chart. When there is the swing up the levels should appear up above the current price, and when there is a swing down, the levels appear below the price. My coding skills are basic but I was able to create code for first part of my system. All I need is basic formula for fibonacci extension. I searched the forum and the other sites and I could not find it.There is formula for fibonacci retracement but not extension. If I have this formula I will be able to intergate it with the rest of my code but creating formula itself for fibonacci extension is beyond my skills. Can anybody help me with this?

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Welcome,Use Google search Fibonacci extension formula

Unfortnuatelly I still can not find it. I found fibonacci time zones, fibonacci retracements, fibonacci time extensions, but not fibonacci extensions (projections) whatever it is called. It is not that I did not do my reseach, I did it and I am stuck. I apreciate a quick link so I would bother no more.

now for your 61,8%

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