Field report for AB 6.20.1 on Windows 11

The 'say text' function in *.abb files has broken with the latest Windows 11 update.

 John--who is happy to troubleshoot

Hello BBands,

i can confirm that Say() is working CORRECT in Windows 11 64bit, current Windows 11 patches with AB 6.20.1. ... Sound is on ! ...

In my mind there are these possible issues:

  1. AB could have an "Execution Rights problem in your user context",
    so start AB with characteristic "Run as Administrator"
  2. Your sound card driver has an issue, check drivers compatibility with Windows 11
  3. Rerun Windows Update, additional check Windows "Optional Updates", ... install missing patches/drivers
  4. Check the sound is working correct by playing an mp3-song
  5. Your sound slider is in position 0 := Zero ( Off x )


_SECTION_BEGIN( "Say Text" );

RequestTimedRefresh( 0.3, False );

fSound = ParamTrigger( "Say", "Say Text" );

if( fSound )
    Say( "John--who is happy to troubleshoot" );



=== AB BATCH ===

Additional Information: Say Text is working CORRECT in AB Batch ( *.abb )
... Sound is on ! ...


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<AmiBroker-Batch CompactMode="0">
<Param>John--who is happy to troubleshoot</Param>


Why you are using AB 6.20.1 and not upgrade to 6.40.4, you are missing the best ! :wink: ...

Best regards,


After yet another Windows 11 update yesterday AB is speaking again.

As to why I haven't upgraded AB: I worry about changes / unintended consequences and take the approach of not upgrading unless I need to.

Best to all,


AmiBroker is not Windows. We don't break things that work.

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My comment was not about AB, it was about software in general. I have great respect to you and AB and no reason to believe that there is anything wrong.

Best regards,


John, no worries, I fully understand.

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