Fill color RSI area

Sorry if you have already discussed this topic (I searched but couldn't find it) or it's a very noob question.

I would like to color the area between 70 and 30 on the RSI graph for each stock.
I tried to color the RSI area between two horizontal lines with the following help ( but this code didn't work for me even though I copied it. In addition, even though I draw a horizontal line the other stocks do not appear automatically. Could someone possibly help or help where I can find a solution to this?
Thanks for the answers!

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Appropriate code is .... in the manual:
scroll down to Gradient fill area charts

For example the code below paints area with RSI(14) above 70 with RED and area below 30 with GREEN

SetChartOptions( 0, 0, chartGrid30 | chartGrid70 );
SetGradientFill( colorRed /*top*/, colorGreen /*bottom*/, 50 /*baseline level*/, GetChartBkColor() /*baseline color */);
Plot( RSI( 14), "RSI", colorLightOrange, styleLine | styleGradient | styleClipMinMax, 30, 70, 0, -1  );



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