Financial data from

I'm trying to load price/volume and various financial data into 2 separate tickers in Amiquote.

As an example;

AAPL.US would have normal price/volume data.

AAPL_F.US could have EPS loaded into "Open". Revenue loaded into "Close". etc.

I have 2 separate "Data sources" configured for downloading each, but using the same Ticker list (AAPL.US)

I have a javascript parsing the json response and the csv (.eod file) ouput looks good.

But now to my question;

How can I assign the $NAME header to be "AAPL_F.US" when it was called from the Ticker "AAPL.US"?

I can assign a header "Ticker" in the output rows, and call the ticker ( then add _F.US) but it doesn't help me to import the data to AB under a separate ticker as the $NAME AAPL.US is automatically generated.

I cannot use the Translation table as I also use the original ticker.

My API with trial key:,Earnings::History

Current output:

#Date, Ticker,Open,High,Low,Close,Adjusted_close,Volume


function Process( input )
   var data = JSON.parse(input);
   var history = data['Earnings::History'];
   var name = data['General::Code'];

   var keys = [];

   for(var key in history){

   var csv = '#Date, Ticker,Open,High,Low,Close,Adjusted_close,Volume\n';

   for(var i = 0; i < keys.length; i++){
       csv += history[keys[i]].date + "," + name + "_F.US" + "," + history[keys[i]].epsActual + ",,,,,,\n";

	return csv;

Any help is appreciated!