Financial meltdown(s)...(?)

China Evergrande Group, the second largest real estate developer in China, defaulted on interest
payments on two bonds back in September, with the 30-day grace period still ending in October.
However, shortly before the end of the grace period, the public was misled by rumors about alleged
interest payments. The international media also took the rumors for granted. Only the DMSA -
Deutsche Marktscreening Agentur (German Market Screening Agency) already recognized the default at
that time and proved in a study that the bankruptcy of Evergrande, the world's most indebted
corporation, could ultimately lead to a "Great Reset", i.e. the final meltdown of the global
financial system.

Oh, and ...

Let's go (Bra...n)


Obvious outcome of unprecedented money printing during pandemic.

Rate of change:

I don't think we will see meltdown with current monetary policy in place, but we can see stagflation

In 1970 there was oil shock, now we have extremely inflated gas and other energy prices


"Well you have to steal the election.... ta' see what is in it."

Without aging myself, I have watched markets trade during the day and evening for some time now. While it is just my opinion, something hasn't smelled right since March 2021. I seem to think the market indexes has been supported at key inflection points and in the overnight. Additionally, it could be possibly coupled with suppression of gold and silver, because if they truly took off it would certainly contribute to a panic situation in global markets and fiat currencies; albeit crypto(s) complicate this idea.

@fxshrat That said, today looks like a nasty start of risk off.

Just a thought.

yeah clearly this is all coordinated. But I am not allowed to talk politics here :slight_smile: The pandamic is a huge scam. Well, you heard the stories about the "great reset". In my opinion they will keep pumping the market higher. DOW at least to 40K. Then in my opinion the transition to a new system with a fed-coin, euro-coin will happen after the next crisis which they also already announced and practiced for, the "Cyber Pandemic". You know how they closed banks down in the past to push through changes. Now they will turn off the entire internet for weeks to push through their changes and probably will blame some hackers. But until then the markets will go higher plus gold and silver will be kept in tight control. Just my opinion of course.

I use these Cumulative Delta Volume charts suggested to me by Jorgen Wallgren. Below you see Gold futures yesterday (5min chart). The 3-rd chart you see them hitting the bid while Gold surges upwards. So the majority of the volume is traded at the bid price. It is weird. I see this all the time with gold and silver. As soon as it goes up they will start hitting the bid. Or maybe you guys have an other explanation for this? :slight_smile:



They paid some.
Evergrande dodges default again but sector debt concerns remain | Reuters

Winding up businesses with uncompleted projects, bond holders may get nothing. Stalled projects are rampant and financially sound developers are unwilling to undertake more risk.

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actually i think evergrande is not officially in bankruptcy. the payments were in fact made (you state they were not in time)

but its not looking good!!!

Quite interesting interview about where we might be heading to:

"They need your children! A new financial reset is imminent."
Basically children need to get conditioned to the new system.
Total control, conditioning, conformity, equality (except for the elites), no more privacy, digital identity (ID2020). Universal income, social credit system, carbon credits, no hard cash anymore -> digital currency, controlling what and where to buy and what not allowed to buy, connecting body to Internet (5G, cyborgs or let's say controllable tech zombies).... Dystopian, totalitarian (well, global tech communism). The new normal. Brave new world, 1984. In short sick world.

Of you are not blind it is already starting to happen.
Australia, Austria, China, New Zealand, ... and near you soon.


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exactly. I didn't watch the video yet but this is what is going on and most people are unable to see it, apparently. Now they invented a "new South African Variant" which is causing the market decline today. The absolute madness is just mindboggling. That they can get away with it. Propaganda works great. They call the people who know what is going on the crazy "conspiracy theorists".

Now they made this "vaccine" mandatory in Austria. They are pushing hard now in Belgium, The Netherlands. They are in a hurry. Once you are vaccinated you will have to get a booster every 6 months. So they can access each individual body every 6 months and can do to you what they think you deserve.

This extreme lying in the MSM (mainstream media) is sickening. They give a negative spin to ALL opposition. The MSM is bought and paid for. All of them.


@Ed, totally agree, but we know as a trader well playing the risk ... it seems to be like in the "5th element", putting your hands inside the yellow circles, thank you for your cooperation ... The NGOs working well in these days !

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No-one invented it. Viruses mutate. Every virus does that. During DNA replication inside the CELL errors happen due to various factors. Those replication errors cause mutations. This is normal phenomenon and happens inside YOUR and everybody's else body every second Mutation - Wikipedia

All those conspiracy theories that arose around vaccines are funny and simply stupid.
Vaccines are with us for years. Everybody who remembers polio understands crucial role of vaccines in preventing this devastating disease and somehow you don't hear protests against polio vaccine. But with Covid vaccine everyone got crazy.

In today's Internet era nonsense and outright lies are spreading 6 times faster than facts, not to mention scientific knowledge.


yes I am aware of this. I will not go in a debate on this forum. It is for yourself to figure it out. The setup they used is very slick and therefor many people believe in it. But there are things that are just too coincidental like for instance that they practiced it in Oct 2019, see

Many more such "coincidences" like them announcing a pandemic multiple times. You can argue that they just have a great foresight. Anyways, I watched that video fxshrat posted and I also see it like that. Total control by a few billionaires. And they will literally be able to control if you live or die. And she also says that if we all do not participate it will stop but many can't see it. Currently most people believe it.

But just look at all these politicians. Did you notice, they do not get sick. Nobody of these politicians in Belgium or The Netherlands gets sick. Yet there is this very dangerous virus out there.

You call it conspiracy theories. You will see that they are not theories

This is FAKE news. This forum is NOT place for spreading the nonsense.

Politicians get sick from Covid and die like everybody else - click here for the USA politicians list who got Covid

BTW: I am vaccinated. Three times. With Pfizer vaccine. I was happy to get the shot as soon as vaccines were available. And for what it is worth, I don't hold any Pfizer stock shares.


they said it with British and Delta variants when they emerged as well, and yet .. after weeks passed those "invented" strains became dominant and the "invented" crowd went mute

OK, enough is enough.

This forum is NOT for conspiracy theories.

Use Facebook or Twitter or whatever else for this kind of nonsense.

The thread is closed now.


Thread is CLOSED as it attracted conspiracy theory nonsense.

Could you stop spreading your conspiracy theories in this forum, please. I do not want to waste my time in the Amibroker forum with such nonsense. Telegram or other bs social media can help you.