Find Highest and Lowest value in Certain Time

Hi All,

Wanna ask how to find highest and lowest value in certain time, lets say in YTD, last 1 year, last n year?
What function should I use?


See HHV() and LLV().

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Thank you, it works! Thank you.
I'm using 250 value for 1 year period. If I want to search for 3 year, then I'm using 750 as value? (250 x 3). Is it correct?

If you're using daily bars, that would get you close enough. But if you are using any other time frame, like intraday or weekly bars, you will have to calculate how many bars there are in a year, or how many bars there have been since it was a different year using BarsSince().

So if I want to search in YTD period, using BarsSince() / is there any function?

Do you a favor.
Read the manual, at least the functions
Open the link below and search for "since" and see all the functios that might get what you want

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