Find out weekly high and low in daily periodicity

I would like to do exploration in the daily time frame (periodicity set to daily in the Analysis Window). However, I would like to find out the current week's low and high as well as previous week's low and high. How can this weekly information be obtained in the daily time frame in an exploration in AFL?

I'm not sure if the timeframe functions can be used since it is mentioned that TimeFrame functions are NOT intended to replace Periodicity setting in the link below.

@thankyou18, you have the correct link, but you need to read it more carefully.

Glance down to the "First Group" line and read that again, as well as the rest of the link....

Then, give it a try (use an Exploration to show the results you want) and you should be on your way.

If you still have problems, post your sample code here and tell us what results you are not getting, or what you are getting but think is incorrect.

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The easiest way to achieve that is with the TimeFrameGetPrice() function:

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