Find value in sorted array

My problem seems again rather elementary, but I didn't find
any references for it and can't resolve it.
It's simply how to find the nearest pivots in the daily pivots array,
either above or below a known entryprice. So it would be simply to find the rank of the entryprice inside the sort array


and read the according values....

@Achalendra, take a look at this past thread (and/or to my previous example - there is a link in my answer to the OP).

Essentially you can use a matrix (if needed, in a combination of a string that is a list of comma separate "labels").

hello and thank you very much for your answer.
I saw this thread indeed, but it seemed much more complexe
to me, as I thought my question was easier to solve.
in fact the array is already sorted and only the rank
of the entryprice needs to be found inside this sorted array.

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