First candle of the chart to be the only candle?

Guys, I want to plot only the bars of today. So lets say the market opens at 9:15, I don't want the previous bars. I only want to see the current day's candles.

How do I do that guys. thanks

The topic title and your description are contradicting each other.

You need to filter the Array for conditions that match the current day, so using DateNum() or even Day() can be used.

dn = DateNum();
today = LastValue( dn ) == dn;

// whatever you want to remove, generally for all Arrays
myPlot = IIf( today, C, Null);	

Plot( myPlot, "Close", colorDefault, styleCandle );

There was another Forum thread where the OP wanted the bars to be plotted from the Left each time and bar added to the right.

If that is what you are seeking instead, you can search the forum.



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