Fix stoploss and precentige of risk through variable lot size


I try to manage the following scenario through a formula in amibroker:

my system/strategy has a fix StopLoss of, let's say 30 points/pips, and I risk a certain pecentige of equity each trade(2%). Therefore it's necessery to have an adapting position size.

How can I achieve this?

In help , look for SetPositionSize (spsPercentOfEquity)

Yes, I tried this out already.

SetPositionSize (2, spsPercentOfEquity);

But with the 'initial equity' of '100000', in the backtest, each positions that hit the StopLoss, caused a loss of ~27.00, wich is not 2% of the initial equity. Also in the further course of the backtest the individual losses decrease, while the equity increase!?

That statement is setting your entire position size to 2% of equity. To use the risk as a percentage of equity, you may want to start here:

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I think I got this. But I want it for optimization purposes. So if I want to optimize my Stopploss, so I had to implement the 'Applystop' (stopTypeLoss) as a pointbased variable value in HERE:

PositionRisk = 2;
TradeRisk = *HERE*
PctSize = 100 * PositionRisk / TradeRisk;

Hope that make sense. Is that possible?