Fixed Amibroker not connecting with BossaStatica5 plugin on a new machine

Straight to the point: lately I tried to install Amibroker 6.30.5 64bit on a new machine with Win11 and plug it to the BossaStatica5 plugin. I fought with it for a few days and couldn't force AB to connect to the plugin. The "plugin status" window was permanently red.
Tried everything:

  • running both AB and Notowania.exe in priviledged (admin) mode (which helped on my previous machine)
  • reinstalled the soft a few times (different folders / as admin)
  • checked if DDE works (running some test soft to confirm that Win11 still supports it)
    What was the solution?

Setting proper language for the Windows (keyboard / system / whatnot) - making the regional setting the same as on my other PC (Win10) where everything works fine.

It was painful - I hope it helps you not to waste your time :slight_smile:

Few things should be noted:

  • BossaStatica5 is 3rd party plugin (not developed by
  • DDE is irrelevant because BossaStatica5 plugin does not use DDE
  • AmiBroker does not care about regional settings (works fine anyway with any regional setting worldwide and it is used worldwide without problems)
  • If regional settings affect BossaStatica5 plugin chances are that they are internally formatting numbers to text using regional settings because then in certain regions a comma would be used instead of decimal point

This issue should be brought directly to Statica (developer of the plugin) so they fix their plugin so it works independently of regional settings.

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