Fixed Stalking Workspace

Is it possible to have a stalking space in Amibroker covering not just watch lists (various Symbols) but also different time frames? I believe watch lists are 1-dimensional and cant be 2-dimensional;

For eg: i want some tickers in daily time frame and few in hourly time frame etc..without changing the time window; or some symbols in one layout and other symbols in another lay out..

The key requirement is that they've to be fixed in 'stalking' watchlist - even if i change the layouts in the other watch lists.

Layouts, not watch lists, provide such functionality. Create multiple window layout with different time frames and save it. You can then quickly switch layouts using double click in Layouts window

Thank you. What about annotations, vertical lines, fibonnacci extenstions - can they be part of the lay out ? or will they persist in chart templates?