Fixing (Freeze) first column in exploration

I have an exploration having around 50 columns , if I go to say 30th column I cannot see the ticker name in the exploration , yes you can navigate to chart , but I want to know is there a function or something like that in AFL , so that first two columns can be fixed , something like freeze column in MS EXCEL .

  1. Analysis tool bar has a setting to auto size column width
    Check it out.


  1. In addition you may add additional ticker column to the right side of result list.
    Then you will have ticker column on the left and one on the right of result list.
    Add this line of code to the end of all your AddColumn lines.
AddTexColumn(Name(), "Ticker", 1 );
  1. Another information. If analysis is finished you may move a column to a different place using your mouse (drag&drop). Move ticker column to different location manually.


thanks for the reply , the drag and drop column is cool , but it looks like there is no exact function to freeze first columns , addition of one more ticker column is also good option though .

As far as I know there isn't freeze option.

There are outlier cases that occur, someone is trying to add 200 parameters to a window, another with 800 metrics to CBT and now I see 50 columns in exploration.

These outliers are not deficiencies in AB, some are OS limits, others just from general programming.

In your case, why don't you just Add a Column` with Symbol ie. Name() at which ever position the original column is out of sight.
You will have multiple columns of symbol, but its computationally nothing compared to ther so you can add 1-2 extra.

Ofcourse, you can create this as a future feature, but you will have to beat the long queue by votes :smiley:

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