Fopen() - Filename specification format

I copied part of a working program into another program and having problems with it.

I have been using a format of Filepath = “C:/Program Files/Amibroker/etc” - with a single slash and seemingly it works

I looked in the help files and most referenced programs used formats where Filepath = “C:\Program Files\Amibroker\etc” - with double backslash

and some had format of Filepath = “C://Program Files//Amibroker/etc” - with forward backslash

so I am not sure what the correct format is - or my problem is, but the correct format is a good starting point


In Windows file paths are divided by backslash. But backslash alone is a start of escape sequence so in C/C++ and AFL you write single backslash as \\. So you should use \\ (double backslash to encode single backslash) in fopen() function. This is C/C++ standard and AFL uses the same. Forward slashes in file paths work in recent versions of Windows but generally forward slashes are used for something else (for arguments in the command line)