For Position Size of 2, how to sell 1 lot for fixed P and Trail other lot

I have used SetPositionSize(2,spsshares); to buy 2 lots. Now, I want to apply strict profit and stoploss exit for one lot and want to trial for the other lot. How to do this?
I want to use ApplyStop(stopTypeProfit, stopModePoint, profit_amount, exitatstop = 1 ); for exiting one lot from position of 2 lots and use ApplyStop( stopTypeTrailing, stopModePoint, stop_amount, exitatstop = 1) for exiting the other lot.
Functionally, I want one lot to exit with predetermined profit and the other lot to trail the price and exit when price goes below trail value. Please help how to do this in afl.


Since this was hidden earlier, replying here again. Is there any way to achieve what is mentioned above?

@adwaitv10 try scale trading, scale out at profit target and have a trailing stop. Probably can use ApplyStop but I am unfamiliar with it. So scroll down to example 4 here, and modify it to fit your plan.

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