Forcing Local Database to adjust for the changes in ODBC

Hello everyone,

I have an oracle database that I connect it to AmiBroker via ODBC data plugin, in order to update all symbols data without visiting each one I run an analysis on all symbols (Buy = 0; // empty scan per Tomas suggestions ) while connecting to ODBC plug in then when it's finished I switch back to local database to do my analysis.

Sometimes I do some adjustments on the symbols prices on specific bars, The problem is that these adjustment appears only when I'm connected via the ODBC plugin when I switch back to the local database these adjustments disappears and the bars go back like they were before although I run the empty scan in the analysis window over all symbols and all dates to retrieve the latest version of the data

any idea what might be causing this or how to fix it?
Thank you in advance

Local DB :


what's about that Issue, Mr @Tomasz !

Recommended reading (part of tutorial that is must-read for everyone):

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