Forex data for Amibroker

Hello all

I just purchased Amibroker a few days ago and as much as I'm enjoying its interface, tools and other capabilities, but I am also frustrated with the burden to source cheap data for it. Having a small account size, about 2000USD, IQFeed or Esignal sound very expensive to me. I was wondering if you knew

  1. A method to import realtime data from MT4 to Amibroker (including the tick volume). I use Alpari as my broker. I know there are some websites offering some tools for this, but I'm not sure how credible they are.
    Also, when I directly use MT4 as a DDE, it causes two issues:

  2. I don't get the tick volumes

  3. The shape of candle are different in Amibroker compared to MT4

  4. If MT4 to Amibroker is not an option, maybe there is a web service/API which provides data for Amibroker? I've searched with no success.

  5. I need 10+ years of historical data in Eastern European Time? Any chance you know of a cheaper/free source? Dukascopy only provides the past 5 years and it's very slow!

I really like to see a day that a tool as powerful as Amibroerk can be integrated with MT4 as majority of Forex brokers offer MT4 and we are bound to it.

Thank you all.

I have been using Dukascopy via this link: and it goes back further than 5 years!