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This link:
has the Round Lot Size, Tick Size, Margin Deposit and Point Value for the Forex symbols ending in 'USD'.
Please provide the same information for Forex symbols ending in CHF, GBP & JPY.
Thank you.!

Could I please have an answer to this question?

I found this Forex calculator but it doesn't seem to relate to the AB settings.

Please don't assume. What makes you think it does not relate to AB too? Those things are standard basic calculations and got nothing to do with some particular calculator.

You can get same result in AB as well.. well, since it is elementary school math. (BTW that calculator of your link does not update properly on my end e.g if changing from USD account to e.g. EUR account then req. margin remains at 22.41 instead of setting to 20 for EURUSD...)


And with example in AmiBroker


Contract specifications can be set in Information window too

As aside and in addition to official AB material here I've once made a FX tutorial
(mainly addressing how to use dynamic rates)



Your post is appreciated.

See the attached screenshot. You mention the information window settings. That’s exactly what I’m trying find out and set up.

What are the correct values for Round Lot Size, Tick Size, Margin Deposit and Point Value for CHF, GBP and JPY?

I have USD and those values are from: Scroll down to Roman numeral V.


You have to set what your FX broker offers to you (e.g. margin requirements) but not AB help margin examples such as $1000. We here do not know your FX broker.

And FYI, at FX spot brokers max. leverages of larger than 50:1 are not allowed by US regulators anymore. So in that case setting 100:1 max. leverage makes zero sense now (if being US citizen). (BTW, max. leverages are just max. leverages possible. It does not mean that you have to trade with such leverages. If your account deposit would be $10,000 and max. account leverage 50:1 and your trade size would be 20,000 units USDJPY (2 mini lot) then your real leverage in regards to account size would be 2:1. 50:1 means that based on that fictional account size of $10k you would be able to trade max. 5 standard lot (-> 500,000 units) of e.g. USDJPY)

Anyway... again we don't know your broker. Set to what your broker offers to you. What's their max leverages for each pair? Do they offer sizes as small as 1 unit (1/100k standard lot) or n-blocks of 1 nano (1/1000th of standard lot == 100 units), 1 micro (1/100th of standard lot == 1,000 units), 1 mini (1/10th of standard lot == 10,000 units) or 1 standard lot (100,000 units)? If you do not know what they offer then go to their support channel.

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Ok, I understand your point. I actually have 2 different brokers I could use.

At this point, I just want to do some preliminary backtests and scans and wish the CHF, GBP & JPY information settings to be consistent with USD, which I have already entered into an Information screen. It would be ok to use the same leverage for CHF, GBP and JPY that the AB example used for USD. They probably used 50:1. So can you help with that?