Foriegn Symbol Plot is Cluttered in Range Bar Charts

Hi Experts,

I am Plotting two symbols on the same chart .
In Time Frame Every thing is Working.

  • I am aware that Range Charts to work properly we need Tick Data, I am checking this on Tick Data Only.

When i want to see in Range Bar Chart, There the Foreign Symbol is Cluttered ...
I have changed various Ranges and Checked, the foreign Symbol is not plotted properly.

Please let me know is there any thing i am missing here .

Note : The Above two symbols are clearly shown in the respective Indiviual Range bar Charts.The Problem arises when they both come togather in the same Chart.

Thanks in Advance,

Foreign performs timestamp synchronization, so "X" axis (time) can make any sense. Range bars are not uniformly timestamped. Timestamps in Range bars go wild and depend solely on price action. Range bars from one symbol by definition have completely different timestamps than other symbol and trying to synchronize them using time is resulting in what you see.
That is one of the reasons why Range bars are not really good idea and the same way as Renko and Point And Figure should be the thing of the past.


Thanks a lot for the immediate reply , Now i Understand.

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