Formula Editor with Password Features

Hello Thomaz ,

If you found this message please reply .
i believe you are master of your product you can do anything in amibroker to make more amazing analysis stock market product.

well i have some issue i hope you able to solve it out. As a trading script developer we need
our protection of intellectual code property . i knew to convert the afl to dll can be done with your ADK , it is not an easy task for some people , we need to hire programmer who specialty in C/C++ and the other things we need to consider time ,secure , cost and etc.

To make auto compiler as metatrader does perhaps its need a time for you team ,
i ve suggestion perhaps other members have some idea as what i think .

Is there possible to add some function in “Formula Editor” like a password features.
so script developer can create a password to protect our own code or if you want to add encryption as well will be good. or you may consider to sell as Add On for Amibroker.

please advise me ,waiting your prompt respond.


First and foremost: every encryption and password protection is breakable. Especially if protection is standarized and used by many. In such case motivation to break the system is higher than in case of individually crafted one.

I don’t know why you need to password protect formulas but if your formula is really precious, your best bet is to write DLL with at least part of your functionality compiled into binary code, not to rely on any 3rd party.

It can be reverse engineered too, but with more effort than encryption.

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Hi TZ ,

Well it seem the concern would be break the system become increasing.
as you know amibroker give an opportunity for both side to us ,traders and script developers.
they have they own way how to utilize Amibroker to get what they want.
now days all apps in the world trying to make instant and easy for user, if we code a trading system for more 2000 line
it become a big deal to convert it. i hope you might reconsideration this idea in the future.
and could be offer other solution which more benefit for script developer.

Kind regards

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Anyone can LOCK ENCRYPT AFL Amibroker...???. Please Help... Thanks

And how much ?. Thanks very much and Gbu

@Batupermata - what you are doing here might lead you to a ban. Don't spam the forum with the same posts. You've already received a reply from Tomasz:

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The answer has already been given in this thread (read the thread from the very beginning) and the other similar threads on the forum. Generally speaking encrypted formulas and other attempts to hide what formula is doing are not welcome for many reasons including safety and transparency.