Formula Lock for Analysis Window

Hello Everyone,

I'm on Amibroker 6.30.5 64bit licensed version.

While working with multiple formulas and also running live exploration/scans, it so happens that when I click on ‘Send to Analysis windows’ the working formula gets applied to the live exploration/scan window if I had clicked on it and made it the active window. Most of the time I realize the mistake and quickly change the afl in the live exploration/scans analysis window , but at times I miss it and it opens up a chance of failure (e.g.,missing live trade signals).

Would be great if we have Formula lock to Analysis window feature. (like the super useful features Symbol & Interval Lock).
Maybe its already there and I might have missed.

Couldn’t find any relevant post on this subject.

Would appreciate any suggestions/solutions. Thanks.

Karthik P

It always sends to last active analysis window. There is no way to change this, however, instead of using Send to Analysis button, a simple File Save is safe and does the job. So just save the formula and you would be fine. Any analysis window that already uses such file will become aware of the change.

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That helps. Thanks Tomasz.

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