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Hi I’m Alan, aka helixtrader, a 10+ year veteran and daily user of Amibroker. I’m reasonably well versed in most of the product features, including the more advanced functionality such as custom backtester, matrices, low-level graphics etc.

I’m looking forward to contributing.

Forum looks great btw.


Alan, great to have you here!


Hi I am Larry. I spent the better part of 15 years investing by just using Excel and then another 6 years experimenting with different software (AB’s inferior competition) and this week marks the 2 year anniversary since purchasing AmiBroker! I’ve enjoyed the learning and now investing using AmiBroker, and am lucky that I got to know terrific people like Alan (Helix Trader) from the above post.

I look forward to contributing when able to the new forum.


If we have more unselfish people like Alan, Larry and Tomasz, this world is going to be a much better place.
Heartfelt thanks,


This looks like a welcome change from Yahoo Groups. I’ll get it figured out, but don’t know what “Groups” are under the ‘topic list or category’ icon beside the search icon.
I think TJ found a winner here anyway.

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Here “Groups” are user groups. Discourse allows to set up different user groups with different privileges/settings. At the moment there are only “automatic” groups like trust level 0-4, moderators and staff. Users at different trust levels have different allowances. This is mainly to prevent spam.


Hello People, I been using amibroker for 4 years now. Very interesting forum software as interesting amibroker is. I hope I can contribute and learn both in a meaningful way. Thanks all.


I am just about 1 month old… i am trying to learn…


Hi, I’m Marcel. I’ve been using Amibroker for about a year. I hope to learn as much as I can about Amibroker by reading the posts here, but also by helping others. Larry aka Portfoliobuilder from here has been extremely helpful with my progress. Larry led me to Alan aka Helixtrader from here who taught me how to finally make a profit at this game.

I’m going to retire this summer and then the real work will begin where I expect to use Amibroker to maximize the returns for my retirement savings.


I am Jignesh from INDIA.
I took trial for Amibroker approximately six month back. I was very much impressed by it.
But I have little exposure for C++. So I have been in dilemma whether go for long with Amibroker or not.
Finally I decided to attach with it and now I am here.

Hope we all enjoy on this platform.



Nice to meet you all.

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I’m Paul, based in Belgium. I’ve been using AB for about 10 years. I’m mostly interested in the automated interface with Interactive Brokers / TWS.



I’m based in the Netherlands. I started trading/investing in 2013. I’ve lost and gained from stocks along the way. Now I wanted to level-up my knowledge/experiences and learn to automate the simple system that I’ve been using in the past years. I believe Amibroker will be the key to optimize that system.

I am hoping to learn and share some experiences with you all.

Kind regards,


Hi guys, I’m Oyoyo from Thailand. I’ve been using Amibroker for stock trading since 2009

I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new people and sharing my knowledge

Nice to meet you all


Hi I am Divakar, I know for some time that Amibroker is a great s/w in the trading community. But I do not have much idea to utilize it properly.

I am very hopeful that by joining this forum, I’d better myself in it’s application.

Looking fwd to learning and contributing in here.


Hi, I’m Giuseppe (aka Beppe - a diminutive) from Italy. I’m using Amibroker since a couple of years (focusing mainly on charts’ indicators and explorations).
I’m a retired software developer (C, C++, Java, Delphi, Python, etc) and now I hope to further improve my skills using Amibroker scripting languages. I still have some trouble with its vast amount of arrays based functions and I frequently find myself using the debugger to understand what’s going under the hoods.
It is very nice to see here some very experienced users (in addition to TJ himself), that so kindly share with us their vast knowledge. I hope someday to be able to contribute something worthwhile. In the meantime, I will try to read almost all your posts!


benvenuto al AB forum Beppe
nice to see you active in the forum :smiley:


Hi there,

I've been trading for over 8 yrs, using AB for a little over a year. Am used to writing flow charts/pseudocode (i break software and computer systems for a day job;) however still getting a little lost trying to implement flow charts/pseudocode in AB. More a reflection on the power of the system and my logical rather than intuitive mind.

However i do enjoy working out how existing code works - takes longer but that way i can start to crawl by myself, and hopefully walk in time.

Looking forward to learning and eventually being one of the contributers


Hi All

I'm Nick from Brisbane, Australia. I have been slowly learning AB over the last couple of years and still have a long way to go. I hope I'll be able to add something to the community in time.



Hi -

Amibroker has been an important tool in my investing for many years. Though I have never felt at ease with AFL programming, I have gotten enough from the AB website and YouTube to do just about everything I have wanted to do.