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I'm Graham. I've worked in telecoms and IT. I trade because it can't be any more difficult than trying to get employment as an older person in Australia. Amibroker has been a great help and I expect it will be into the future.



Hi. Welcome Alan. I too am new. My name is Michael, and I am from the US. Have an interest in quantitative applications and DSP. John Ehlers allowed me to edit his Cybernetics book which increased my interest further. Running 6.20 64 bit professional. Have taught myself some of the basics of loops, and have learned how to set up parameters for the Osaka table to extract what I need from the loops. (e.g., highest value, next highest value , etc from some iteration of values) Have (what I believe to be) a reasonable version of the Goertzel algorithm for adaptive tuning, if anyone is interested. It uses the Osaka table to extract values, but am not sure if matrix functions would be faster on a real-time intraday basis. Now trying to convert these Osaka applications to matrix applications. So I am off and running, and will try to do this .... Thx guys....Great product Amibroker.


Hi I never properly introduced myself.

I'm rocketPower (Mike), an aerospace systems engineer originally from Montreal but now live in Japan. I developed an OO backtesting platform in MATLAB until I realized using Amibroker was probably worth the cost of all my time spent maintaining my own platform and much more versatile.

I mostly trade my retirement fund but hope to expand to a margin account later on. My trading inspiration comes primarily from the IBD world, Minervini and the philosophy and price-driven focus of long term trend following. I have a semi-active blog at Mind the Skew but with my day job and kids, it's not so easy to get entries in. You can read more about myself and trading thoughts there.

Nice to meet everyone and I hope I can be as useful as everyone has been to me so far.

Take care,


Hi all! This is Toni, I am an economist and IT bachelor, working as independent discretional futures day trader the last 4 years. I started a couple of years earlier with FX (mainly wandering around what was this al-about) and have been a stocks investor for more than 20 years (I made a killing on the easy internet bubble years and then lost some following BROKER TIPS!!).

I have been looking around trying to find a good system to automate my intraday strats (working well manually) and start with trading stocks (instead of investing on them), and I am now convinced I have found it!. One of my first goals, after I learn some of the language, is to put some stats behind classic strats, e.g. ma crossovers, to see how they have been evolving through time and what is left from them now on different timeframes and asset types.

Well, sorry for the lengthy explanation. I very much expect to be able to contribute here in some time.


Hello all,

Well, my trading journey started about 5 years ago when an acquaintance got me into trading crude oil futures using NinjaTrader 7. I soon got hooked by the ability to code indicators and strategies using NinjaScript, and proceeded to go deep down the intraday strategy development rathole with limited success for quite some time.

I have been playing with NinjaTrader on and off, almost as a hobby, for years, but now I want to stop messing about and get serious about setting up some real working bots out there in the market, on a daily timeframe (the serious limitations of trying to run intraday bots on NT caused this shift).

Recently, I realised that I had fallen victim to the sunk cost fallacy (I had unfortunately purchased a lifetime license for NT) and was reluctant to give up on NinjaScript, which I had begun to understand reasonably well, but had serious limitations. It was like bashing one's head against the same brick wall over and over again. Then recently I came across the books by Dr. Bandy, and I got a glimpse of the potential of the AmiBroker platform, and this opened the gate to allow my escape from NT, which I finally accomplished yesterday with the purchase of AmiBroker Pro!

Looking forward to learning a lot on this forum, and hopefully to be able to contribute too, eventually!


Hi Mike,

Nice to hear from a fellow Montrealer! (well, ex-Montrealer in your case!). I have been living in and around the city since 1999. Curious to know how you ended up in Japan? We took our kids on a world tour in 2016,2017 and Japan was one of our favourite stops - it blew my mind, frankly!

Anyway, good luck with your trading systems on AB! Hope to be able to exchange ideas on the forum going forward. LT trend following obviously works but is emotionally quite tough when the system goes into drawdown, so I am looking to trade shorter periods on a portfolio of uncorrelated futures. It's all about finding your comfort zone.


Hi All,
My name is Michael, I'm new to Amibroker and hoping to learn some coding. Hopefully then I wiil be able to contribute and help others.
My trading is mainly based in options.


Hey Gary, for some reason I only saw this now! So sorry.

In case you're still interested, I work in aerospace in flight controls, and move to work on the new Mitsubishi plane.

I hate the long term drawdowns too, but I compensate by reducing risk (heat), so I've been mostly flat this year. This is not a good year for strategy compared to the last two. But that's life! At least I'm protecting my capital, which is paramount.



My name is Swetav I am civil engineer by profession .I had started my journey in stock market way back in 2016 invested a small bit . Got good returns during the bulls in 2017-18 .Which made me to go through many books and softwares i.e python,spss,matlab for analysis atlast I found this software Amibroker which helped me a lot in Time series analysis using purely statistics .As a trader I will say being in "One thing " and getting the grip of that shall give a good result and the boat which is Amibroker helps to sail in the ocean.
Thanks Tomasz for developing this extremely wonderful software.


I just came across this thread and thought why here it goes. By trade I am a Master Electrician but prefer to lay claim to the old saying "Jack of all trades Master of none". The reason for that is that I am not afraid to try anything, am amazed by everything, and love to learn. Ive always been excited by "the process". Whether it is trying to start and run a small business, or trying to teach myself how to tear apart and rebuild old mechanical watches, I love to dive right in and see where an experience takes me.

Back in 2005, I decided to start my own contracting business and within a year and a half, employed 18 people. At that time I joked that whoever had put me in charge of this business was an idiot. It was a fun run and I learned more than I ever could have imagined. We were impacted by the recession to the point that I had downsized back to myself and 2 others and tried to keep it afloat for a couple more years and ended up closing the doors in 2013. This was a life changing experience for me, one in which gave me a powerful realization. After shutting my doors for the last time, it dawned on me that during that 8-9 year period, literally 7-8 million dollars had touched my finger tips and not a penny stuck. From that experience I made the decision that I would never let that happen again.

I began digging out of debt literally a penny at a time for several years, all the while making sure that something was also being stashed away for my family. That is gradually how I became interested in the markets and it has now become a passion of mine. I was able to make my first trade about 2 1/2 years ago and continue to learn something new everyday. I still have a long way to go in the learning process and appreciate each and everyone here in the Amibroker forums. Hopefully I will be able to contribute something beneficial as well.


@MCassICT - that's quite a story ! Thanks for sharing.


I am using AmiBroker for some time and I am looking for new possibilities of using it with AFL programming. Hope I will give something valuable to this community.


HI All,

I am sunil and new to this community with bit knowledge of coding to modify existing ones.


Hi, all - my name is Rick and just joined yesterday. In browsing the forum so far I can tell this is a vast and content-rich forum, very impressive. I’m totally new to Amibroker and have a long way to go, but am really looking forward to learning the program, AmiQuote and AFL. I’m primarily an oil futures intraday trader, but looking to get back to equity options swing trading for my Roth IRA and want to use AmiBroker for testing and portfolio position sizing. I’m overwhelmed by the enormity of the program being new and all, but I’m sure everything will come together over time. I’ll do my best to do as much as I can to find answers here in the forum before asking for help and when I do need help I’ll also do my best to ask for it in the proper way following the suggested guidelines. Greetings from the Tampa Bay area in Florida!


Hi all,

A bit of personal info - I’m Australian, living and trading in Queenstown, New Zealand, between a full-time job at Council and mountain running in the hills at my back door (skiing in winter).

Long time dabbler in the markets, chopping and changing between markets and mediocre strategies. Considering my inconsistency in participating in the market and sticking with a strategy, I’ve been lucky to come through unscathed (risk management has saved me there).

My fairly discretionary strategies are poorly back-tested which gives me little confidence in them and ultimately why I fade in and out of them all the time. When I have tried some more thorough back-testing it has always been with free platforms which tend to make me fit the strategy to the available tools rather than give me the freedom of implementing my original strategy! So, no more of that!

AmiBroker looks like the bees knees. I’m hoping it will help me veer away from discretionary trading and more towards systematic, and give me a means to test and give me confidence in my strategies. The interface is great. Having a background in Surveying and GIS, and a smidge of programming, powerful niche software like this is the workspace I like to be in.

The community looks fab. I love the ability to share ideas and code between like-minded folk, so really keen to contribute if I can and learn from all the great minds. The AFL Library looks like a great place to start. I'm also devouring content from the likes of Howard Bandy and Cesar Alvarez, IFTA journals and ATAA contributions.

Thanks for having me!


Hi everyone, I'm Henrik. I'm a portfolio manager from Norway specializing in quantitative strategies on listed stocks. 12 years experience on the buy side, before that I was a stock broker.

Over time I've gravitated more toward quant than discretionary investing (with improving results :).
I mostly run factor strategies and some basic stat arb (pairs trading) for our firm, but not exclusively. I'm still a contributor at SumZero and Value Investor's Club when I can find the time.

I'm now working on trend following strategies for stocks as well. Some experience with Trading Blox Builder quite some time ago, but new to Amibroker. Hopefully I can contribute to the community in some way, feel free to reach out in DMs if you like.

Appreciating all the shared work here, reading all I can and practicing my AFL...will try not to ask too many stupid questions.


Hye , i m Dr Ajay from India practicing into Chemotherapy and day care cancer patient care , trading is my passion since last 15 yrs from my collage days , i m a fully algo trader since almost 5 yrs now , purchase amibroker licence since almost 3 yrs , i m not good into coding but i m really good into reading various things n combined them (which includes this forum,many trading books ,algo trading books,so many blogs ) ,so i hv to hire some best coders around the world some of them are already into this forum) .., already having my own logic to trade almost every market which includes futures n options , cash segment, forex .... Now i m fully Focus on my application development for trading which can help many people with so much low cost in investing world who loose too much money.

This forum helps me alot into growing my knowledge and upscale my limits to use amibroker, 95% of the questions are already answered into this forum for normal people....

Stocks and commodities article codes are really excellent ( from 2002) any good person with proper technical indicator knowledge can combine them n create a really good trading system...

I m really worried about future of amibroker after Thomas -it scares me alot ( sorry but it's an occupational hazard for a dr) amibroker is such a versatile and yet easy to use platform tht we dnt hv any early alternative....


Hey all!

Im N. from Slovenia. Trading since 2014, mostly crypto, and making all mistakes possible. So many actually that I decided to either do it right or find something else to do.
I'm taking my CMT Level 3 exam in a few months. And finally ditching discretionary trading for a systematic approach. Been swimming in Python and R last year, I think its also time to add AFL.
From what I have gathered in the last two weeks, this forum is a goldmine with a cool community. Glad I found you guys.