Function Say and other voices than Microsoft Anna

Can I use other voices than Microsoft Anna?. Despite to change default voice, AmiBroker always use Microsoft Anna voice.

@jcorniko I have even prepared a speech synthesis demo (for users like you) showing AmiBroker's potential in this area, but as I can see, It is easier just to write that something doesn't work or can't be done instead of using this forum's search functionality to find out in 10 seconds that this can be easily done and is working like a charm :sleepy:

VoiceSelect() function was introduced in AB 6.12:

AFL: new function VoiceSelect( num ) – select SAPI (Speech API) voice to be used with Say() function, num is a numerical index of installed voices. By default Windows comes with just one voice, but one can add countless 3rd party voices

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Thank You! I don't know why but I overlooked functions like VoiceSelect, VoiceCount etc.
Do you know how to install another Speech API?

You just buy a voice or voices (for example from here --> Ivona or Nuance 32/64 bit combo versions ) and install it/them ...

Some additional speech synthesis functions were implemented in AB 6.26 :

  • AFL: VoiceSetRate( rate ) – sets SAPI voice (speech synthesis) rate. Rate of 0 (zero) is “normal”, negative is slower, positive is faster (allowable range -10…+10)
  • AFL: VoiceSetVolume( volume ) – sets SAPI voice (speech synthesis) volume (0…100)
  • AFL: VoiceWaitUntilDone( timeout ) – waits until voice has finished speaking or specified timeout (1…100ms) has elapsed. Returns True if voice finished, False if the timeout elapsed