Fundamental Data (P/CF)

I am trying to access the value of P/CF from the Valuation section of "Information" tab.

I do not have the field for GetFnData().


That’s because it doesn’t appear to exist. I am guessing because that would need to be re-calculated every bar (“P” in your P/CF changes every bar whereas your CF is probably a quarterly data point). Notice each of the “Valuation” data lines is light grey compared to the darker lines that correspond to data available through GetFnData()

In the User’s Guide there is the list of what you can access and simple examples of how you can calculate your valuation indicators.

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@portfoliobuilder is 100% right. All Price/{something} valuations are calculated by dividing current close by respective fundamental value that you can get from GetFnData. P/CF is simply Close/(GetFnData("OperatingCashFlow")/GetFnData("SharesOut"))

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