FXCM free historical bar and tick data


Dear Aron!

How to use these links?

Thank you!

You can't use above links because they are now "error 404: page does not exist". In typical fashion to big corporations, 3 years after, they deleted the API and replaced it with something different, so previous work done by 3rd party developers is completely wasted.

That is why I am reluctant to write new data plugins. Data vendors have annoying habit of making APIs obsolete or even removing them at all.

Somehow "new" developers forgot what API is supposed to be. Definitely NOT ever-changing, always "beta" experiment that is going to be deleted without warning.

And that is why you should appreciate that AmiBroker ADK API was so well designed in first place that it just works for 18 years without need for changes still maintaining full backward and forward compatibility.


Thank you very much Tomasz!

While, in general, I agree with @Tomasz about some company's unreliability, here we are not speaking of an API.

FXCM provides "archives" of their sample tick and candle data (and more): they moved it to a different Github repository.

On the other hand, for APIs, you should look at some other repositories.


Yes you are right about that particular link, but FXCM did remove/make obsolete APIs in the past.
I know because I wrote the plugin for FXCM in the past and they removed API. Similar thing happened with myTrack, Worden (TC2K API no longer supported in newer versions), CQG (replaced API by new incompatible one), QCharts (removed API after taken over by eSignal). I wrote plugins for all of them and my time was wasted.


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