Get actual value of O H L C when input = 0

Hello, my specific data given Open and Close "0" value (it was not value of price). I need to get exactly "0" value for my analysis, but when I run the exploration the result return "Open" = "High" in case one of them = 0 or it return the previous close value is both of them = 0 . Maybe it was setting by default of AB to settle of missing value. So please to advice what I have to do to get the exactly real value in exploration (this case I expert it return 0 ).
Thank you.

You indicate:

From the post (query) of yours, it can thus be imagined (only) that you are a using either of two below function to pull O and C array values for your operations via composite symbol or custom ticker fed by plugin (data vendor/any other) or classified (a disclosed matter since not detailed).

  • foreign( ticker, datafield, fixup = 1) , or,
  • SetForeign( ticker, fixup = True, tradeprices = False ).

If so, you might want to re-test by passing False (0) to the fixup argument of the method(s) as those are set to True (1) by default.

And you are getting:

Also please refer to below documents:

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thank so much for your information @Cougar

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