Get Amibroker database to load specific date range

I have a few years of data consisting of 1-minute bars. If I were to load the entire database with all the data, Amibroker will slow down.

How can I load the database with a specific date range, say between 1Jan2022 to 31Dec2023?

The easiest method is to create smaller database out of existing data. It is quite simple.

ONE TIME setup:

  1. Load the database as usual.

  2. Go to Tools->Preferences, "Data" tab,
    check "Limit number of saved quotations" box and enter the number of quotes desired to be stored in small database (say 10000)

  3. Click Apply

  4. File->Save Database As... (important save database under NEW NAME - NEW FOLDER)

  5. Then go back to Tools->Preferences and UNCHECK "Limit number of saved quotations" box

From now on you will have two databases one old "large" database and new "small" database.

Having said that, I don't know how many bars you have in your database, but it is very unlikely to AmiBroker to be "slow" just because of the data. Data are read once and kept in RAM if possible. As long as you have large RAM, you should not really see significant performance impact. What counts are your FORMULAS. If your formulas are badly written and use bad practices (like requesting all bars by SetBarsRequired) then you are going to suffer, but this is not problem with data but with your formula.


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